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Since 2009, Communication for Blind and Disabled People has been developing and distributing tools to help our client group communicate and gain mobility. Our talking computer screenreader, ‘Thunder’, was downloaded in its hundreds of thousands enabling visually impaired users to enjoy the pleasures of the web and emailing.  We also supported Georgie smartphone navigation apps to provide thousands of low vision people with the ability to get out and about.

Technology moves on and Thunder was superseded by a new and better free screenreader from NVDA. Georgie navigation apps have been replaced by a new smartphone and media device called ‘In Your Pocket’.



A breakthrough for blind people

Our charity is proud to be providing development and training support for In Your Pocket, a technology platform we believe is an evolutionary step change in terms of giving simple, accessible tools to the visually impaired and disabled.

The experience with In Your Pocket represents a paradigm shift for the visually impaired smartphone user. No more poking about a small screen with the finger. No more password or captcha frustration, no more learning endless tricks and tips. With In Your Pocket, just click a button and speak; whether you want to read a book, send a text or make a phone call.  This will empower the mass of blind people, generally older citizens, to now share the cultural and life enhancing qualities that smartphones presently offer to seeing people.

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In Your Pocket Features

If you are visually impaired or print disabled and want to learn more about In Your Pocket and the full range of features and available media content, go to http://inyourpocket.net

Phone and Contacts

In Your Pocket is the world's first totally voice operated phone. Just ask to be connected to your friends and family.

Books, Newspapers and Podcasts

Navigate and select from around 100,000 talking books, over 100 newspapers, and 1,000 podcasts. Includes content from the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB), BBC, and other sources.

Weather, Time, and Location

Just ask for the time, weather forecast, and your current street address and nearest intersection.


How We Help

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Technology Training

Our charity can provide training for In Your Pocket on an individual or on a group basis if you are a member of one of the many local blind societies that we work with around the UK. We can also run 'train the trainer' sessions for your organisation.

Feature Development

Developing a product specifically designed for blind users is very much a social enterprise requiring voluntary or charitable input, particularly if the price is to be set at a reasonable level. There is never a mass market and every function and process must be customised. Our charity assists with the development of new technology features that are most needed by the vision impaired community.

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Donating Money


We invite funders to either make an unrestricted donation to our work, or a restricted donation to their preferred project. Contact us today to donate, or for more information on our projects.


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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